Proud Pageant Girl

Unfortunately, many people today still have a negative impression of “pageant girls.”

As a proud young woman who competes in pageants, I am here to explain why I compete and the positive impact pageants have had on my life.


I competed in my first pageant when I was 18 years old – much older than many girls who compete in pageants. I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. When I got to pageant weekend, I loved the way that the other young women empowered each other and worked together to help each and every contestant succeed.


As I continued to compete, I became more and more comfortable on stage. My parents could see a positive change in my self-confidence and the way that I carried myself on stage. I could see this positive impact in myself too. I loved the way that pageants pushed me out of my comfort zone, making me speak in front of others and presenting myself with confidence on stage and in interviews.


The third time I competed, I won a title. I was so excited to see what the crown and sash could do for me. But more importantly, I was excited to see what I could do for my community with the crown and sash. I have made appearances across my community since I won my title, and I have been working with my local chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to raise awareness for an amazing cause.


I have seen the way that children look at me when I am wearing my crown and sash. I have seen the smiles on their faces when they get to try on my sash. And I have seen the hope in their eyes when I tell them to chase their dreams.


Some of the most inspiring young ladies I have met, I have met through pageants.

Almost every contestant I have ever met wants to win the crown and sash so that she can make a difference in her community.

I have been to pageant weekends and seen young women lift each other up, wish each other good luck, help a struggling contestant, and make lifelong friends.


I am, and always will be, a proud pageant girl.


“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.” -unknown


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